New SUCO image film 2018

To celebrate the company's 80th anniversary, SUCO presents a new image film.

The 2-minute image film was conceived and realised by MSB-Films:

SUCO image film 2018 (German version) - external link on YouTube

SUCO image film 2018 (English version) - external link on YouTube

The film focuses on the core values of the SUCO brand, which are also reflected in the new company vision:

  • Quality in the area of internal training and further education of specialists and managers as well as multi-stage quality assurance throughout the entire product development cycle.
  • Innovations in the area of product development with a high vertical range of manufacture through constant investments in automated assembly machines and CNC-controlled machines.
  • Internationality through expansion of our global sales network with 3 subsidiaries and more than 60 sales partners.
  • Customer orientation through high adaptability to almost all design projects - from standard models to tailor-made drive elements and special solutions. This is supported by lean processes and short decision paths.
Neuer SUCO Imagefilm 2018