Transmission technology

Transmission technology

The product range of transmission technology includes centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as the combination with other transmission technology elements to a complete system.

Centrifugal clutches and brakes

Centrifugal clutches and brakes are used when input and output side should be separated during a standstill and the output side should work speed-dependant. Advantages of centrifugal clutches are load-free starting and slip-free torque transmission at operating speed. Centrifugal brakes are often used as emergency braking system. They can lower or slow down loads at a defined speed.

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Electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes from SUCO are notable for straightforward design and ease of installation. Like centrifugal clutches, electromagnetic clutches and brakes can only be used for dry running. Reliable torque transmission without residual torque is guaranteed. Once activated the field coil of the electromagnetic clutch creates a magnetic field using no collector ring. This magnetic field attracts the driven side towards the input drive hub.

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Customized solutions

SUCO designs and manufactures individual, customer-specific solutions when standard models cannot be used. Our engineers check enquiries to make sure they are practicable, and, as far as possible, the design of the product complies with the customer’s wishes.

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With the help of our new product configurator you are able to find the clutch / brake within some seconds.