Digital USB Pressure Transducer with software-based Leak Testing

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ESI Technology Ltd. releases new software version with integrated leak test for the GD4200-USB©


In 2015, the first USB pressure transducer GS4200-USB© "Standard"  has been developed by our Welsh subsidiary ESI Technolog, followed by the powerful and highly accurate GD4200-USB© "Dynamic" just two years later. The USB pressure transducers of the popular GenSpec1) series are particularly popular in process and test engineering and are installed in industrial plants, test centers and mobile machines worldwide.

The GD4200-USB© is based on the patented SoS sensor technology2), which guarantees excellent long-term stability and accuracy of ±0.15% (BFSL) over a wide temperature range from -50 °C to +125 °C. The fully welded measuring cell and pressure port is manufactured from titanium alloy which increases media compatibility and temperature stability. Users can choose between nine variable pressure ranges from -1 bar (vacuum) to 5.000 bar.


ESI-USB© software

The included ESI-USB© software allows simultaneous measurement, analysis and evaluation of up to 16 independent measuring points (pressure inputs) with a sampling rate of 1.000 Hz (at 21-bit resolution). The GD4200-USB© can be connected directly to the USB interface of your PC, laptop or Windows Tablet (compatible with Win 8 and higher) via the USB Mini-B port. 

The identification of the different pressure inputs is done automatically and can be individually adjusted at any time. The recording of the pressure measurement in real time can be displayed in graphical or tabular form with different pressure units and can be marked, paused or exported at any time - the formats available are Excel / PDF. In addition, it is possible to generate customer-specific test certificates and export them as Excel, Word, PDF, and .csv.

User focus

The user guidance and functions of the ESI-USB© software have been oriented directly to the wishes of our customers from the very beginning. As technical installers and operators on site, they are also our harshest critics. After the identification and analysis of pressure peaks was already possible, the latest version introduced an additional function for automatic leak testing at the request of the customer. All users have received these in the course of the automatic software update.


Leak test

Several million leak tests are carried out worldwide on various systems and components. The reliable identification of leaks, cracks or porous seals within a closed system is a complex procedure in which numerous factors - such as the suitability of the measuring devices or user expertise and handling - can lead to incorrect or at least unreliable results.

The ESI-USB© software detects even the slightest pressure drop in the millibar range3) due to the high sampling rate and thus guarantees highest accuracy and reliability in leak testing. During a running pressure measurement, duration and tolerance (deviation from the average pressure level) of the leak test can be defined and started by a click. After the pressure measurement the result is displayed in the form of a pop-up window with a simple "PASS / FAIL" message and further data.

Increased efficiency

The ability to evaluate up to 16 pressure inputs simultaneously and test for leaks means that the processing times of conventional test cycles can be reduced many times over. The automatic generation of test reports, manufacturer's certificates or declarations of conformity can save additional costs by eliminating additional work steps by changing the system.

The leak testing feature has been developed in close cooperation with major global manufacturers and institutions to provide our users with a practical and user-friendly product and optimize the internal leak testing process. Should you have any further functional requirements, report a system error or simply like to share your opinion about our products, please feel free to contact sales$@%&/()=@esi-tec.$@.%&/()=com. We will gladly answer your open questions and check the feasibility of your suggestions for future software updates.


Further information

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1) Generic Specification
2) Silicium-on-Sapphire
3) Tolerance to 2 decimal places