Intelligent solutions with a new "PLUS"-Serie

SUCO represents new mechanical pressure switches size hex 24 with intelligent supplementary functions.

SUCO offers the versions NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open) with integrated connectors like DEUTSCH 2P or 3P, AMP Superseal, Packard MetriPack 280, AMP Junior Timer, M12 x 1 and others. The electric contact will be easily reached by just putting together the integrated connectors with the counter plug. Don’t be worried any longer about inconvenient cable or connection troubles!

Thereby these product series are designed according to the protection degrees IP67 (or IP6K9K) depending on the connector.

In the version with an additional resistor connection according to NAMUR SUCO offers a diagnostic function (fail-safe) with short-circuit and cable break detection. This version is of a special interest for safety systems as for example brake systems, hydrostatics steering systems or fire-fighting systems.

The “PLUS”-Series pressure switches are also available in a version with integrated varistor that allows limiting the flyback voltage efficiently. Flyback voltages occur, for example, by switching of solenoid valves, relays and other inductive loads. Thereby the generated overvoltage protection extends the contact lifecycle.

Furthermore, an active reduction of EMI emissions will be reached by switching of the pressure switches. Along with the actual function of pressure monitoring the next development step will be the temperature-controlled switching. This function can be very useful for the filter monitoring in hydraulic systems. Due to this development it is easy to avoid the incorrect switch status at low temperatures and hence high viscosity of the medium, which can prevent the operation of the fully functional equipment. Thereby the system availability can be increased noticeably.

In the future SUCO can also offer a current limitation, for example for the engine’s “soft start” or for extreme light bulb loads as well as for capacitor loads. Furthermore SUCO offers the display of the switching status due to integrated LED. This may be of a particular interest if control units are installed far away from the machines or systems.

Some of those supplementary functions can be combined within one pressure switch. With the new series "PLUS" SUCO has managed to bring together in one product numerous advantages of mechanical and electronic pressure monitoring. Thereby SUCO creates a unique selling proposition and once again proves its exceptional position as one of the leading manufacturers in this area.

SUCO Druckschalter PLUS
Mechanische Druckschalter PLUS mit intelligenten Zusatzfunkltionen für jede Anwendung