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SUCO: SUCO exhibits at Hanover Fair 2017

SUCO exhibits at Hanover Fair 2017

SUCO will be represented at the world's most important industrial trade fair in Hanover from the 24th to 28th April 2017.

This year’s fair takes place under the heading "Integrated Industry - Creating Value" with more than 6000 exhibitors. Due to the broad product range and new product innovations, in addition to the SUCO main stand D14 in Hall 21 there will also be a stand of the british subsidiary ESI Technology F36 in Hall 11.

SUCO focuses on transmission technology, as well as mechanical pressure switches, electronic pressure switches and pressure transmitters. As a special product novelty, the PPD05 programming device for the electronic pressure switches of the SUCO performance series is presented, which enables individual programming of the switching points and the switching delay time.

The stand of ESI Technology presents a variety of pressure sensors for high, low and differential pressures as well as special applications for the deep sea and underwater oil industry. The GS4200-USB© digital pressure transducer is presented as a highlight with a USB 2.0 interface, that can monitor up to 16 switching points at the same time.

The trade fair team of SUCO & ESI Technology is looking forward to your visit at the HANOVER FAIR 2017.

SUCO-Messestand auf der HannoverMesse 2017