Electronic pressure switches, Performance series

Hex 24, adjustable at factory

  • Very attractively priced electronic pressure switches, particularly for high volume deployment
  • High overpressure protection (up to 2 x)
  • Small, compact electronic switches
  • Switching points and switching delay time programmable via PPD05
  • Ceramic sensor in thick film technology
  • Housing made of stainless steel (1.4305), others on request
  • Hysteresis adjustable within a wide range set at factory (2% – 98%)*
    * Hysteresis adjustable from 3% - 98% using PPD05 programming device

Technical data

Electronic pressure switch, 0500 - (Schließer)

Order number 0500-10209-3-013
Product category Electronic pressure switch
Electr. connection socket device
IP Rating IP65
Pressure range 0 to 100 bar
Hysteresis 1..98 % FS, hysteresis adjustable by factory
Burst pressure 300 bar
Switch function Normally open (NO)
Housing material stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303
Connection NPT 1/4
Sealing material FKM
Measuring cell Ceramic sensor
Additional functions Display switching status with LED
Type 0500 - (Schließer)
Catalogue chapter E1