Pressure switches hex 27 with integrated connector

Changeover switch with silver or gold contacts

  • Large selection of electrical plug-in types for quick attachment and reliable connection
  • Hysteresis adjustable at factory
  • High protection class (to IP67 or IP6K9K)
  • Compact and rugged design in industrial environments like construction and agricultural machinery or commercial vehicles
  • Switching point can be set on site with adjusting screw
  • Very high overpressure safety
  • The corresponding mating plugs are available as accessories

Technische Daten

Diaphragm pressure switch, 0132 - AMP Superseal 1.5 (0,3 - 100 bar)

Artikelnummer 0132-45901-1-007
Produktkategorie Mechanical pressure switch
Druckbereich 10 to 50 bar (+/- 3)
Überdrucksicherheit 300 bar
Druckart Overpressure
Einstellbarer Schaltpunkt Yes
Hysterese Adjustable value in average: 10 - 30 %, depending on type
Schaltfunktion Changeover
elektr. Anschluss AMP Superseal 1.5
integriert Yes
IP Rating IP67
Kontaktbelastbarkeit 48 VAC
Kontaktwerkstoff Silver
Dichtungswerkstoff NBR
Gehäusewerkstoff Zinc-plated steel (CrVl-free)
Anschluss M 10 x 1 - tapered
Zusatzfunktionen none