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SUCO: M5 Ready-wired pressure switches hex24 / hex27
Hex 24 / hex 27 ready-wired pressure switches

Custom designs

  • Ready-wired pressure switches hex 24 and hex 27, available with all commercial plug-in types and individual cable length.
  • The technical details of ready-wired pressure switch types correspond to those of the same standard pressure switch types. Different technical details will be agreed with the customer.
  • Pressure switches usually have protection class IP65. Our ready-wired pressure switches attain IP67 or IP6K9K. This is a requirement particularly in commercial vehicle construction, mobile hydraulics and similarly demanding applications.
  • Ready-wired pressure switches enable plug connectors to be in climatically non-critical and low-vibration areas.
  • The modular layout also enables the production of lower volumes.
  • The switching point for ready-wired pressure switches is factory-set to a fixed value.
  • Exception: The switching point of the 0240/0241 can be adjusted on site even after the sealing process.

Technical data

Piston pressure switch, 0241 - zinc-plated steel (50 - 150 bar)

Order number 0241-46009-1-309
Product category Mechanical pressure switch
Pressure range 50 to 150 bar (+/- 5)
Overpressure safety 600 bar
Pressure type Overpressure
Adjustable switching point Yes
Hysteresis Average value of 10 - 20 % (not adjustable)
Switch function Changeover
Electr. connection cable connection
integrated No
IP Rating IP67
Contact rating 250 VAC
Contact material Silver
Sealing material NBR
Housing material Zinc-plated steel (CrVl-free)
Connection NPT 1/4
Additional functions none