Pressure switches PLUS with integrated connector and supplementary functions

Hex 24, NC or NO, voltage up to 42 V

Intelligent, supplementary electronic functions broaden the capabilities of mechanical pressure switches by adding numerous features:

  • NAMUR Diagnostic function (fail-safe) with short-circuit and cable break detection
  • Overvoltage protection for prolonging the contact service life
  • Active reduction of EMC emissions
  • Temperature-controlled switching function (e.g. cold start, i.e. switching function does not become active until from a certain temperature)
  • In-rush current limitation (overload limitation of switching contacts from too high a switch loading, e.g. lamp load, motor start-up)
  • Display of the the switching status with LED
  • Overload protection with self-resetting electrical fuse
  • High protection class to IP67 and IP6K9K
  • Large selection of electrical plug-in types for quick installation and reliable connection
SUCO Mechanische Druckschalter "PLUS" SW24 mit integriertem Stecker

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