Transmitter accessories

  • High-quality accessories direct from the manufacturer
  • Developed for and aligned to our products
  • The materials and shapes of thread adapters are aligned perfectly to our transmitters
  • Thread adapters are provided together with seals to ensure safe and easy installation of our transmitters
  • Simple installation and programming
SUCO Pressure transmitter accessories

Mating plugs
  • Deutsch DT06-3S (for DT04-3P)
  • TE AMP Superseal 1.5®, 3-pin 
  • M12 DIN EN 61076-2-LF, 4-pin
Mating plugs

Socket devices
  • M 12x1 DIN EN 61071-2-101 D straight, 4-pin
  • M 12x1 DIN EN 61071-2-101 D angled, 4-pin
Socket devices

Thread adapters
  • M10 x 1 shape A, DIN 3852-1
  • M14 x 1.5 shape E DIN 3852-E incl. sealing ring FKM
  • NPT 1/ 4-18
  • 9/16 -18UNF inkl. O-ring FKM
Thread adapters

Transmitter display STD
  • 4 – 20 mA current output, switching output option available
  • Connection to DIN EN 175301-803-A (DIN 43650)
  • No additional voltage supply required
Transmitter display STD

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