SUCO Variants of electromagnetic elements

Variants of electromagnetic elements

With bearing-supported belt pulley

The output drive is a single-groove belt pulley which is supported on a hollow shaft.The pitch diameter can be supplied to the customer‘s requirements. Multiple-groove pulleys can also be supplied. Common groove forms are: SPA, SPB, SPZ, and Poly-V to DIN/EN.

Clutch-brake combination (L-Type)

This model can be manufactured on request in the standard sizes.

With bearing-supported flange

A flange supported on a hollow shaft and bearings is used for the output side connection.

Belt pulley on separate bearings

Here the output drive is a single or multiple groove belt pulley which is separately supported, not on the hollow shaft of the electromagnetic clutch. The pitch diameter of the pulley can be supplied to the customers' requirements. Common groove forms are: SPA, SPB, SPZ, or Poly-V or DIN/EN.

With a flexible coupling

If an axial or angular misalignment is to be expected between two shafts, a fl exible coupling can be attached.

With sprockets

A chain sprocket mounted on a bearing supported fl ange transmits torque on the output side.


With the help of our new product configurator you are able to find the clutch / brake within some seconds.