Pressure monitoring

More than 80 years’ experience and ultra-modern production facilities enable the manufacture of high quality products. Mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, explosion proof pressure switches according to the new ATEX directive, electronic pressure switches and transmitters have gained an excellent reputation under the trade name SUCO. The product range also comprises new mechanical pressure switches PLUS with hex 24 and numerous intelligent electronic supplementary functions.

Mechanical pressure switches
Electronic pressure switches
Pressure transmitters
Pressure sensors

Transmission technology

The product range of transmission technology includes centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as the combination with other transmission technology elements to a complete system.

Centrifugal clutches and brakes 
Electromagnetic clutches and brakes 
Customized solutions


With the new ATEX series 0342 / 0343, SUCO introduces two compact explosion-proof pressure switches with flameproof enclosure.

The new ATEX pressure…

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By purchasing a plasma cleaning system and a special packaging unit, SUCO is now able to offer plasma-cleaned pressure switches and transmitters in…

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The "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V." has awarded SUCO for its pioneering research projects in the field of pressure monitoring


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